About Us

Our winery “Sesikeli Winery”¬†produces wine by an ancient 8000-year-old Georgian traditional method of winemaking when the wine is naturally fermented and aged in a large clay vessel called “Qvevri”. Qvevri is buried underground which gives the wine a unique taste and flavor.

The process lasts 6-month and during this time grape’s skin contacts and filtrates naturally in Qvevri. After that Wine gets amber (orange) color and tannins for our Rkatsiteli and dark red for Saperavi.

We produce natural & handmade wine with the Qvevri method and we’ve already produced a good amount of bottles of Rkatsiteli and Saperavi.

Origin of Grapes

Alazani Valley is the best land in Georgia for a range of varieties of grapes. With the range of the Caucasus mountains, the temperature is balanced and affects the quality of the grapes.

We are picking up grapes by hand in the morning times until the grapes are colder and the temperature gets hot.

The Path of Producing Wine

We started increasing our production slowly by inserting 100-liter Qvevris in the ground to increase production slowly to the current capacity of 5 000 liters. We continued winemaking with the traditional Qvevri method that was handed over to us from our ancestors. Fermentation and filtration are going naturally in Qvevri. The whole winemaking process is mainly going by hand.

This is the method used for our chosen grape variety “Rkatsiteli”. Rkatsiteli is giving us natural high-quality dry amber wine with huge aging potential. With all of these benefits, Rkatsiteli was our ancestor’s and family’s favorite grape variety. We age our Rkatsiteli wine for 3 – 4 years in the sealed Qvevris. After that, it is made available for the market.

Our vision for winemaking is to produce wine naturally without making any additional Interference.

Few Words About Me, The Winemaker of Sesikeli Winery

My name is Simon Sesikashvili, I wanted to start to produce wine with the method my ancestors were using to produce wine in wine cellars in Telavi and village Shalauri before the Soviet occupation. Our hand made natural wine is high quality and we produce its limited quantity because the quality is our main goal to present Georgia’s 8000 years ancient Qvevri winemaking method to the world which was added to the world heritage list of UNESCO.


Simon Sesikashvili


Rkatsiteli 2018 was Awarded Silver Medal at the 4th International Qvevri Wine Competition